Trial Strategy Support

Explaining complex information to judges and juries requires special skills. First, one needs the proper credentials. Second, one needs comprehensive understanding of the topic to be explained. But, finally, and certainly as important, one needs to be able to communicate sophisticated information in a simplified fashion for a lay audience. At ICTM, we pride ourselves on all three. As requested, we assist our client in simplifying his/her presentation in court; our expert witnesses, both in-house and consultants, are selected, and/or trained to do the same. We accompany our presentations with simple, but scientifically supportable visual aids and presentations to ensure that the fact finders understand what we are telling them and why it is strategically relevant.

Assistance with Cross-examination of opposing experts

From the purely medical and scientific standpoint, constructing a causality cross-examination of opposing experts involves three steps:

  1. An analysis of causation, using the scientific principles delineated above. This tells us where, scientifically, the strengths and weaknesses lie on each side.
  2. Assessing and understanding the opposing expert's training, way of thinking, and strengths and weaknesses in his expertise.
  3. Matching 1 and 2 to identify areas of vulnerability, leads to an appropriate line of questioning.

Demonstrative evidence

Effective communication with lay juries requires a simplified and clear approach to explaining complex information. ICTM has developed numerous trial exhibits and power point presentations to make complex science clear and understandable. A few examples are:

  • Dose makes the poison
  • Regulatory levels are not the same as harmful levels
  • Common, everyday sources of the chemical or agent at issue
  • And many others

ICTM brings to trials and hearings:

  • Years of trial experience
  • Clear understanding of how to present complex information to lay audience

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