Legal Nurse Consulting

The individual members of our highly-skilled and knowledgeable team of legal nurse consultants (LNCs) have, on average, over 20 years of clinical experience in a broad range of settings. LNCs are informed and experienced in current medical procedures, practices and expected outcomes, and fact-finding analyses regarding tort and workers’ compensation matters. We provide a variety of cost-effective services for our clients and, as appropriate, in collaboration with our team of physicians.

Medical Records Analysis

Our legal nurse consultants identify key and missing information from medical records. Some of the key components of our medical records analysis include:

  • Medical records abstraction – For 15 years, our medical records abstraction process has transformed illegible medical records into complete, legible, manageable documents. These may be sorted by date, health care provider or key issue.
  • Medical chronologies – When a more abbreviated summary of the key points in a medical record is desired, a chronology captures the facts by provider and encounter date. The facts can be sorted in numerous ways, tailored to client needs.
  • Custodial record search – Medical and non-medical providers who have had encounters with the claimant or plaintiff, but have not produced any records, are identified for the client, along with the source of this information.
  • Analysis of drug interaction and utilization – Potential side effects, medication use issues, or drug-related interactions that may be influencing the behavior or health of the claimant can be highlighted.
  • Deposition questions – Questions for claimants, plaintiffs, other fact witnesses, and expert witnesses are based on key information in medical records and literature related to disease processes, timing and pathophysiology.

Document Request Retrieval and Retention

ICTM can assist with your document request and retrieval needs. We can help you identify medical providers and others from whom records should be requested. Once documents have been procured, our automated system can track and store them electronically.

Medical information retrieval — ICTM has developed a system for obtaining medical records for review in a timely manner. If there is no response to our original request within 10 working days, follow-up telephone calls are made routinely until the information is obtained.

Our electronic records management system allows 24/7 concurrent sharing of records and work products among all of the members of your team.

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