Pretrial Consulting

At ICTM, we are more than "experts:" We are committed to educating our clients. Experts are selected because they have specialized knowledge and can present that to fact finders. But often they have neither the time, nor the interest to work intensely with attorney clients to help them to understand the issues and assist with all of the sophisticated aspects of pretrial needs. At ICTM, we consider that a major part of our client service. As litigation and issues become more complex, attorneys need more technical knowledge. It is for this reason that ICTM is increasingly working with Corporate Counsel and National Coordinating Counsel to advise and consult in issues of widespread significance.

  • ICTM staff offers that knowledge transfer to clients
    • In-Person educational Meetings
    • Providing easy-to-understand state-of-the science and medicine
    • Both telephonic and in-person conferences with client
  • Clear delineation of the strengths and weaknesses of the client's position
  • Clear delineation of where science begins and ends for the issue at hand and where speculation takes over
  • Comprehensive analysis of opposing experts' opinion bases and literature upon which they rely.

ICTM's extensive experience examining numerous types of issues enables us to provide our clients with a scientifically-based analysis of strengths and weaknesses of individual cases. Our services include:

  • Discrepancy analysis to reveal errors in opposing experts' opinions.
  • Deposition approaches and questions to correctly expose errors and effectively elicit critical information from both opposing and supporting witnesses. Identification and retention of experts: matching expertise with issues through our extensive network of qualified expert professionals with whom we have long-standing relationships. We can help with identification of experts and assurance that their expertise and opinions can survive Daubert or Frye challenges.
  • Effective support of scientific and medical arguments in Daubert and Frye motions based on extensive analysis of alleged claims and scientific/medical merits of expert opinions. Our support, by way of hearing testimony and/or affidavits, has contributed to opposing expert exclusions in dozens of cases.
  • Matching science with legal precedents to prepare winning arguments that support sound, provable science. We expertly apply current science to current law.

From the purely medical and scientific standpoint, constructing a causality cross-examination of opposing experts involves three steps:

  1. An analysis of causation, using the scientific principles delineated above. This tells us where, scientifically, the strengths and weaknesses lie on each side.
  2. Assessing and understanding the opposing expert's training, way of thinking, and strengths and weaknesses in his expertise.
  3. Matching 1 and 2 to identify areas of vulnerability, leads to an appropriate line of questioning.

We have nationwide experience in every state, as well as with varying legal requirements, enabling ICTM to assist in supporting your case with sound provable science.

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