Litigation Support

Complex medical and scientific issues demand both sophisticated analysis and simplified, easily understood explanations. ICTM is your source for sound, provable science presented clearly and understandably for fact finders. Our founder, Dr. Ronald Gots, described ICTM's commitment to sound, provable science and our approaches to its application.

ICTM focuses on sound, provable science you can trust to disprove falsely-constructed opposing arguments and to support your clients when their positions are valid.

  • Our understanding of both the complex medical and scientific issues, as well as the need to provide simplified explanations for legal applications is unparalleled.
  • Our extensive experience in thousands of claims insures focused analyses, work products and testimony, thus optimizing your likelihood of success.
  • We diligently strive to lessen the impact of subjective complaints, erroneous medical histories and poorly-grounded testimony by uncovering objective, provable evidence.

ICTM provides scientific/medical support in individual tort and mass tort claims, involving a range of biological and chemical agents, as well as pharmaceuticals. We tailor our approaches to meet the individual needs of each client. Relying on peer-reviewed, scientific/medical literature, our opinions are always grounded in sound, provable science.

ICTM recognizes that every client has unique, specialized needs in specific litigation cases. To accommodate those needs, we combine our knowledge and available case-specific data with targeted approaches tailored to the issues in the claim. Our extensive experience enables us to provide you with NOT-TO-EXCEED BUDGETS - so you control the costs.

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