Lead Smelter Exposure Modeling

In a matter involving hundreds of claimants allegedly affected by a lead smelter, ICTM principals performed exposure modeling to the neighborhoods to determine how much, if any, lead reached the claimants' homes. We then stratified the claimants by likely exposure. Following that, we performed specific causation assessments considering all of the variables, besides lead, which affect the claimed outcome – home life, education, maternal IQ, socioeconomic status, nutrition and others. This comprehensive analysis contributed to a favorable settlement for our client.

Alleged Brain Damage from Lead Exposure

ICTM experts have testified in many matters in which individuals have alleged lead has caused brain damage and permanent impairment. Detailed evaluation of the actual medical records, Independent medical/neurological examinations (IME) combined with neuropsychological testing and consideration of all of the variables involved have been successful in identifying alternate causes of the claimed injuries, or eliminated them from consideration.

Lead Paint State-Of-The-Art Report

Additionally, ICTM was retained to compile a state-of-the-art report for an insurance company that provided coverage to some of the paint companies involved with the State of Rhode Island v. Lead Industries Association, Inc., matter. In this matter the defendant paint companies were held initially liable for creating a public nuisance by selling paint containing lead. Ultimately, the Rhode Supreme Court reversed the initial decision. Our role was to determine when the paint industry had sufficient information about the adverse health effects of lead to cause them to decrease or eliminate lead from their paint in order to protect human health.

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