Fractional Contribution of Specific Sources of Asbestos

ICTM has been involved in over one hundred asbestos matters. Over the years, we have been involved with all exposure-driven, health-related aspects of asbestos. We worked with national coordinating counsel to develop approaches for their corporate clients to deal with state-of-the-art issues and with small fractional contribution of specific sources of asbestos, including de minimis contributions.

In fact, in a mesothelioma case tried in California, an ICTM physician testified that the alleged source of the asbestos could not have been sufficient to be responsible for the disease and our client was exonerated by a defense jury verdict.

Mesothelioma State-Of-The-Art Affidavit

In another state-of-the-art mesothelioma matter, the spouse of an asbestos-exposed shipyard worker alleged that the shipyard where her husband was exposed to asbestos should have known and warned the workers' families that exposure to the worker's clothing posed a risk of disease. In support of a motion to dismiss, we provided state-of-the-art testimony, in the form of an affidavit and deposition, informed the court that such information was not scientifically known at the time of the worker's exposure to asbestos in the shipyard.

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