Tox Reviews

ICTM is frequently asked to perform reviews of the toxicological literature for clients. As physicians and toxicologists, we are fiercely committed to the accuracy, facts, and science in the preparation of our toxicological reviews. We are devoted to serving our clients needs with the highest level of service in the most cost-effective manner.

For example, we have performed tox reviews for the following:

  • Mercury - The health effects of mercury and of dental amalgams on behalf of the American Dental Association
  • Lead - The health effects of lead based on a review of all relevant epidemiological literature for a large national client
  • Neurotoxins – The identification and relationship, or lack thereof, regarding the neurotoxicity of the substance at issue
  • Benzene - The benzene leukemia literature and of the literature dealing with halogenated hydrocarbons such as trichloroethylene
  • Asbestos - The asbestos literature relating to brake worker exposures and the incidence of mesothelioma

We have also developed an extensive analysis of all of the causation aspects in the obstetrical, injured baby claims and presented that in multiple national seminars for a large insurer client.

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