Product Safety

ICTM assists clients in documenting the safety of their products. A diverse range of services includes:

  • Technical comments on regulatory and legislative proposals
  • Scientific support for new product registrations
  • Evaluation of product chemical composition for improving product safety
  • Exposure/risk assessments for regulatory applications
  • Third party experts at regulatory hearings and negotiations
  • Scientific and medical support for worker safety documentation, e.g., MSDSs
  • Representation of client interest on governmental workgroups
  • Oversight of sampling and testing protocols, along with analysis of resulting data

ICTM professionals have substantial experience in strategies for product development. Product formulations are evaluated in order to reduce or eliminate particularly risky or vulnerable chemicals in order to render the product safer.

Integration of medical, environmental and exposure/risk analysis expertise provides clients with a broader perspective on the potential health and environmental impact of products. ICTM's depth of regulatory experience results in cost-effective approaches for meeting compliance needs.

ICTM has the breadth of litigation and regulatory experience needed to evaluate the long-term effects of new products and applications of older products. ICTM works with its clients toward setting safety standards, not just simply meeting them.

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