Health and Safety

ICTM's expert occupational and environmental physicians can improve the health, safety and productivity of employees. We have the experience and capabilities to assist in the development of the following types of programs:

  • Regulatory Compliance programs (OSHA, DOT, NIOSH, ADA, state and local);
  • Selection and oversight of high ROI (Return on Investment) specialized benefit programs (Employee Assistance, obesity, diabetes, smoking, etc.);
  • On-site Education and Training programs;
  • New health-related policies and procedures programs;
  • Comprehensive, clear presentations involving complex medical issues;
  • Interpreting raw data pertaining to particular risks or new regulations; and,
  • Risk Communication programs based on proven, risk perception research delivered by highly credible, articulate, medical doctors.

An unusual blend of talent, skill, credentials and credibility are required to integrate effectively prevention, risk assessment, risk perception, risk management and risk communication. ICTM physicians possess this blend of skills.

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