Indoor Environmental and Air Quality (IEAQ)

Long before the current media attention given to indoor environmental and air quality (IEAQ) issues, ICTM had been advising a broad range of private and public sector clients on IEAQ issues. We bring distinctive scientific and medical credentials to complex and challenging indoor air issues.

ICTM has investigated causes of hundreds of perceived and real IEAQ problems, including:

  • Mold / fungi
  • Emissions from sterilizing / disinfecting chemicals
  • Chemical emissions during renovations
  • Office equipment emissions
  • Pesticides
  • Metal fumes
  • Metal-working fluids
  • Laboratory and cleaning chemicals
  • Fiberglass and other insulation materials, and
  • Psychosocial factors.

Sound, Provable Science

ICTM focuses on sound, provable science to support you when your positions are valid. You will find:

  • Our comprehensive understanding of both the complex medical and scientific issues is invaluable in disproving falsely-constructed opposing arguments;
  • Our extensive experience in IEAQ issues ensures focused analyses and work products; and
  • We diligently strive to lessen the impact of subjective complaints, erroneous medical histories and ill-grounded perceptions of poor IEAQ by uncovering objective, provable evidence.

Medical IEAQ Services

We provide efficient expert assistance for a broad range of IEAQ services. Medical services include:

  • Conducting differential diagnoses to determine whether occupants have a medical disorder;
  • Delineating potential causes of these disorders; and
  • Determining whether conditions in the indoor environment are a potential causal factor.

Investigative IEAQ Services

Investigative services can include:

  • Providing oversight for IEAQ testing;
  • Conducting indoor environmental investigations;
  • Performing exposure reconstruction, if necessary;
  • Conducting forensic causation analyses; and
  • Providing planning and oversight for remediation, if necessary.

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