Epidemiology Study

Heavy Metal Exposure from Emission Stack

ICTM, working with the State of Ohio epidemiologist, constructed an epidemiological study for the city of East Liverpool. Residents there were concerned about a hazardous waste treatment facility which was about to become operational. The study concentrated on children attending an elementary school in site of the emission stack of the facility with a particular emphasis on testing for heavy metal exposures.

Epidemiology Study: Indoor Environmental and Air Quality

For many years, some employees at a large government complex had reported feeling ill and experiencing symptoms while at work. Despite extensive efforts to investigate the cause of these symptoms and ameliorate them, illness complaints continued. A Congressional mandate directed that an epidemiological study and health hazard evaluation be undertaken of the buildings involved. We served as lead investigator of a physician-directed, health-based environmental study. We investigated many factors; both building and non-building related which are known to contribute to work-related symptoms. Different types of statistical analyses were used to determine the best predictors of various work-related symptom outcomes. We obtained and analyzed the results of interviews, questionnaire responses and environmental information, totaling approximately four million data points. Our recommendations, which emerged from the findings, dealt with the physical and environmental aspects of the workplace which could and should be corrected, as well as management and improved communication with employees.

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